Net Translation Services


ANKARA NET TRANSLATION family as one of the high rank Translation Bureau has 15 years experience and adopts itself to quality and accuracy as its principles especially regarding to customer satisfaction.


Translation is not just only finding the words from dictionaries and replacing them in the translation, but instead is to feel target language and reflect its nuances into the translation. The most important point is that the meaning of original text must not be deviated in translated text. Translation is the interpretation which exactly coincides with meaning of source documents, and made in pursuance with the grammar and other rules of other language.


The translator listens the talks of the speaker in the cabinet assigned for him / her via earphone and translates to the audiences concurrently via microphone. With this method, the sentences of the speaker is translated exactly and speaking is communicated almost simultaneously.


Net Translation provides many services free of charge as a first in the sector which are required by many customers.

  • Takeover of Documents
  • Attestation in Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Other Attestation Transactions
  • Notary Transactions
  • Apostille
  • Delivery of Documents

Our Working Principle

Is to complete the ordered works in accordance with the criteria, specifications, standards and requirements of the customer, and within the time as specified in work programs of the customer and with high quality and efficiency.

And our work ethic is to generate income by observing customer satisfaction as much as possible, providing any services together with our solution partners to our customers together with mutual confidence, respect and cooperation.

Our basic principles are to meet the expectations of our business partners in highest quality and steadily together with our solution partners formed by expert and professional translators, and protect and augment our prestige gained through years, and target always to become the best in the sector.